​​The forms of my sculptures are often figurative or abstract figurative  incorporating influences  from the natural world.  Many  sculptures integrate animal or wildlife imagery, often in the form of masks, to reveal traits associated  with them.  For centuries masks have had the ability to transform the wearer into various persona, altering the individuals true nature.   Surface texture reveals various layers of treatment creating a timeless quality.

       As artists, we have the vision/gift to see and express life's circumstances, injustices, and extremes, others may choose not to see.  Art opens up such an arena of visual opportunities, an inner world full of potential just waiting to be explored.  Although advancements of science and technology have provided numerous benefits, there has and continues to be the possibility of dire consequences.  We are all accountable for our actions and the potential for exploitation.

   ​        Much of my inspiration derives not only from the Surrealist and German Espressionist Movements, but also from past tribal cultures or  contemporary  unindustrialized cultures innately aware of the interrelatedness of all life forms with their surroundings.  Myths, legends, and beliefs passed down for generations contain the magic of possible powers and gifts humans, animals and wildlife are empowered with, but also the consequences of misuse.